We are able to supply you all kinds of feed premixes for all poultry species in various inclusion rates starting from 0.5% up to 2.5%. The inclusion rate of the premix is absolutely depending on the demand of the customer to add amino acids and/or phosphates and salt as well as the technical possibilities of the mixing installation. Our premixes consist of stabilized vitamins, nutritional available minerals, trace elements, feed additives and amino acids as per your requirements.

It is possible to produce the premixes according to your own specification or according to the international standards which are developed by our well-experienced nutritionists.

For the production of our premixes, the only ingredients of the highest quality are used, so we can guarantee the maximum shelf life for our premixes.

All premixes are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards (GMP+ APPROVED).

Needless to say that we can supply any kind of premix for any kind of poultry species in any phase of its production stage.

The laboratory control (QC) of raw materials and finished products is mainly done in our own laboratory, and partly in contracted laboratories.

The standard packaging is multiplied paper bags, each bag containing 25 Kg. Different kinds of packaging are possible in your demand. Usually we can load 22.5 MT on pallets in one 20ft container.

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What products do we offer?

Kimikav Bammad importer, distributor and producer of livestock and poultry feed is ready to serve you dear customers by offering the following products:
نهاده طیور

کنسانتره گوشتی شرکت کیمیاکاو بامداد

ریزمغذی برای خوراک طیور

دان آماده برای طیور